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List of resources to for while you are stuck at home due to COVID-19. As always, the leadership and fellow members at WSGW are here for you too!

Staying Active

Yoga on YouTube

Zumba on YouTube

  • At home workouts
    You can use household items as weights (laundry detergent, jugs of water, boxes of unused cat litter). To increase the weight, put multiple items in a bag, such as a reusable grocery bag.
    Asics Studio (note: Marguerite didn’t have to pay for the subscription, she thinks because she has a free RunKeeper Account)
    Run or walk outside (as long as you stay 6 ft away from anyone else)

Creative Activities
Learn how to Knit
Acrylic Paints
Watercolor Paints
DIY Spa Day

Being Productive From Home
Take it easy on yourself. This is a stressful time and while you still can be productive from home, don’t beat yourself up if you’re not as efficient as you normally are.
See this article in the New York Times for some helpful tips.

Alternatives to Experimental Work
Start writing up what you already have, even if it’s not complete. Sometimes writing things down helps you develop new ideas and questions.
Work on designing and planning future experiments, to the extent that you can.
Analyze data you already have.
Review the literature in your field and summarize it. This is something that will go into the Background section of your thesis/paper anyway, so now is a great time to work on it.
Learn new skills in software – e.g. any kind of coding, Solidworks, etc.
FYI you can access LinkedIn Learning for free through Georgia Tech. It’s got a ton of classes on how to do all kinds of things, including softwares and even photography.

Mental Health Resources
For a full list, see the resources sent out by GT.
CARE at This should be your first stop for mental health resources.
The counseling center. They are seeing people remotely, so you can still talk to a counselor.
Division of student life. Also see their website for a link to the emergency student fund if you are experiencing financial hardships due to the current pandemic.
Health Initiatives
If you have the student health insurance, you can access a free subscription to BetterHelp, an online therapy company. To access your account:
Log on to
On the right under Care Options, select Find Mental Health Provider.
Choose Free Online Counseling and set up your account on BetterHelp’s website.

Research/School Related:

Food for Thought – Books and Blogs:


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Georgia Tech Links:

See the Grad Student Resources guide for a more complete list.